Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Weebly website indexed quickly by Google

I've posted quite often about the website builder and hosting company Weebly. I have built several websites using their platform, and have been very happy with the service.

I just built another little geo-specific niche site with Weebly. It's about garage sales in Perth. I only bought the domain recently and set it up with the host less than a week ago. It's only got a few pages of content up, and I haven't built any backlinks to it at all. But it's already there in Google's index.

Not only that, it's on page 4 of Aussie Google's results for the phrase that comprises the domain. I don't want to link directly to the site yet, because I don't want to risk any ranking penalty (even though I suspect that's highly unlikely). In any case, you can see it halfway down the page here.

This is clearly good news for anyone building a site with Weebly. I'd happily join their affiliate program and promote them enthusiastically. But unfortunately membership to it is not open to people from outside the United States yet.

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