Friday, October 28, 2011

ArticlesBase gets indexed very quickly by Google

Still on the subject of article directories: I just submitted an article there. Not only was it published very quickly, it was in Google straightaway as well. And it also came up when I did a backlink check using Yahoo. That was noticeable because I did have at least one other article with a backlink to that site. That article was indexed by Google at least a week ago, yet it wasn't showing up as a backlink.

I don't have detailed knowledge of how all this works. So I may be drawing a false conclusion. But I think the fact that the ArticlesBase link appeared in both Google's results and Yahoo's backlinks immediately says something about how highly that article directory is regarded by these search engines.

So, if you do have a new site that you are keen to get indexed as quickly as possible, then writing an article about its subject and putting the URL in your author bio-box, then submitting this to ArticlesBase is a very good idea.

The only drawback is that the link will be nofollow. However, that might not be such a negative SEO-wise in the long run, as this post explains

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  1. Its true that articles gets indexed by google. But I think when the google algorithm change you info here is not as accurate as before