Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Specificity for SEO

I recently posted about how swiftly Google indexes Blogger blogs. Makes Blogger a good choice for anyone who wants to get search engine traffic as soon as possible.

Another thought on how to speed up the process: be specific with posts. For instance, company and brand names are often searched, sometimes in clusters. I have received quite a few hits now from Google searches for "Weebly+Synthasite+Webnode" or variations thereof. If you can, put these kinds of words in the title of your post, listing two or three if it's appropriate.

Also, there's something I noticed while looking at the stats for my main site: people will often include a preferred location (city or suburb) in searches. Be mindful of this when optimizing your site.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The rise of SEO

One thing I've noticed as I surf the web and blogosphere is the growth of SEO. There are so many SEO related websites, forums and blogs it's incredible!

I suspect it's one of the few industries that will continue to expand during these harsh economic times. After all, if it's done well it has to be one of the most cost effective advertising methods available. Once you gain a top ranking for your chosen keywords you can reap huge benefits for a long, long time.

The recent experience of at least one SEO company seems to confirm this.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Google loves Blogger

My main site does get search engine traffic. But it took quite a while (and lots of link building) for it to start coming in.

I've only had this blog for a short time - less than two weeks. I've got a couple of baklinks up so far, but I'm already getting search engine traffic to it.

Just shows the advantages of getting a blog in general, and a Blogger blog in particular. Google owns Blogger, and so it indexes its blogs quickly.