Monday, January 31, 2011

Social bookmarking for backlinks can help sharpen writing skills

I have been using Snipsly and Jevitt recently. I think it's worth getting into the habit of using them to regularly promote blog posts and articles.

Of course it's worthwhile having your links seen by others on these bookmarking sites as well as getting the SEO boost they can confer, but these aren't the only benefits.

For each link you add you have to write a new little summary of what you're linking to, or at least some mini-article that's related to it somehow. Of course you don't want to waffle on with these summaries. You should get right to the point with a pithy and accurate summary. And, each of them has to be unique. So, every one presents a little writing challenge. Doing this regularly can increase your writing speed and quality.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yola blog indexed by Google quicker than Weebly's

As I've written before, I have a couple of sites with both Weebly and Yola. They are both fantastic (and free) website makers. They also have great blogging tools attached.

I've been updating the blog on one of my Yola sites quite often lately. The posts get indexed pretty quickly, usually within a day or so. The same is not true of my blogs on my Weebly sites. They seem to take a lot longer, usually weeks.

This may have something to do with the frequency of my blog posting. I have certainly been posting at much shorter intervals on Yola. So perhaps I've "trained" Google to come and visit the blog more often?

However I do update one of the Weebly blogs reasonably frequently, usually once a week. And there have been periods when I was doing so more often than that. So I suspect this situation might have more to do with the way Weebly is structured generally rather than specific factors pertaining to my site.

Also, I have found this review from early in 2010 in which an official representative of Weebly acknowledged that it does take a while. (The relevant part is right at the bottom.) So, maybe they're working on this. They seem to address any bugs really quickly and comprehensively.

In any case it's not a huge issue for me. My Weebly blog posts do certainly end up in search engines and they seem to rank pretty well. However, some other webmasters might consider speed of indexing to be an extremely important factor. That's why I decided to relate my experiences in this post.

UPDATE: Google has just paid a visit, so all the recent blog posts are indexed, including ones I wrote just a day or so back.

I'll keep an eye on this in future because it may just be a temporary situation. Perhaps this is a slow patch, something to do with the Christmas and New Year break? This webmaster seems to think so (see point 9).

Friday, January 28, 2011

Page4, another free website builder

Still finding more free website builders that look slick and highly customizable.

The latest is Page4 and it looks worth checking out.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snipsly and Jevitt

I have just found another couple of sites that look useful and innovative. Snipsly and Jevitt combine features of social bookmarking sites and article directories.

You can post do-follow links to blogs, articles, and other content. You can make the surrounding text a complete article in itself, or as short as a few sentences.

I quite like this idea because sometimes you want to post a little nugget of information, or a pithy bit of commentary, rather than a comprehensive 500 word article. These sites allow you to do so and still get some SEO benefit.

They also have Adsense revenue sharing enabled, so you could make a bit of money as you do so as well.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Follow tweeps who mention others and retweet regularly

A lot of people think that it's vital to get as many Twitter followers as possible. But as with so many other things, it's not the quantity but the quality that counts.

That's why you should focusing on finding tweeps in your niche. Also, seek out those who aren't just selling stuff, but who are actually using Twitter to express ideas and opinions and link to their blogs and others. Also, see how often they mention other tweeps and retweet.

If they do both these things quite often, there's a chance that they'll also mention your tweets or retweet them, particularly if they're good. That will help expand your following further. (Needless to say, it's wise to return the favor from time to time.)