Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogging makes it harder to write content for sale to others

My affiliate earnings are slowly increasing. However the process is very slow, and I'm still not pulling in that much money. So I have been considering writing content for sale to publishers again.

Needless to say, with the dominance of the internet there are few offline writing markets left. There's no shortage of such opportunities online, though, of course. As well as all the webmasters looking for writers on forums and freelance job boards, there are some sites dedicated to the purpose of supplying content to individuals and companies.

Unfortunately the pay rates are very low for this kind of work. (That's hardly surprising considering that pretty much all the reading material on the internet is offered for free.) This fact, compared with the sharp deadlines that you often have to commit to make it pretty unappealing.

Having been blogging for ages, I'm more attached to what I write than ever before. I just don't like the idea of handing my work, along with all my claims to ownership, over to someone else for a flat fee. In any case, I think it could be used to draw in search engine traffic by being put on one of my blogs. And if not there, then it could be part of an article with a backlink to one of my blogs or websites. By using my writing to bring in more traffic, it could prove to be more of an earner in the long run anyway.

I've had this feeling for a while. It seems to be intensifying. And I suspect it's quite common amongst bloggers.

What are your thoughts? Does blogging make you more attached to what you write?


  1. Yes, it does. When you're writing for a certain field for, say, 8 years, you get engulfed by that profession, consuming the ideas in there; yet, it makes you attached to it and make other field pretty much unsatisfying to write about.
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  2. I get your point Finn, but there lies the distinction between hobbyists and paid writers. Writers don't have the luxury to "enjoy" everything they write, but they have to do it as good as they can.

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