Monday, February 15, 2010

The names of the famous can be good keywords

People often search for information and opinions about well known celebrities and political leaders, so putting their names in the titles of blog posts is often a good tactic. Of course, you can't compete for the really big names like "Beyonce" and "Obama". But you might be able to corner the odd long tail search for names like theirs if your title includes other often searched for terms, including the names of other famous people.

And if you lower your sights a little, you can quite easily rank as number one (or at least very high up) for searches for minor celebrities and political figures - or even just everyday folks who have made the headlines for whatever reason.

If these people are from your country or area, you can pull in some good local traffic, too. So it's a good idea to read the papers and look for people who are not hugely famous, but repeatedly appear in your city's newspapers.

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