Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy Domains advertisement controversy

If you live in Australia there is a television ad that you've almost certainly seen, since it's shown pretty regularly. It's the one for Crazy Domains and it stars Pamela Anderson. Lately it's fallen foul of the censors.

I've seen it many times, and I never thought it was offensive. Actually, I got the impression that the makers of the commercial went out of their way to make Anderson and her equally sexy sidekick seem empowered and businesslike in much of the ad - while also taking advantage of their abundant sex appeal in the geek's daydream sequence. Because of this "bob each way" approach it always struck me as being overly politically correct, if anything. Clearly, the Advertising Standards Board doesn't see it that way.

A side note: The ad was filmed in Los Angeles - and of course stars a major US celebrity. It must have cost a packet! Crazy Domains is doing pretty well for a Perth-based company.

That state does seem to becoming something of a mecca for internet related businesses. The popular ISP iiNet started there as well.

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