Saturday, February 27, 2010

Doomby, a French Weebly

I just found another free website builder that looks pretty good. It's called Doomby and the company is based in France.

It looks a lot like Weebly, with similar tools included, and an option to upgrade. The name is derived from the Pulaar (a language used in Senegal) word for "mice". It is kind of catchy - and also apt, since you would be using your mouse to build a site. However, I do think it might have negative associations for English speakers because of the inclusion of the word "doom". I suspect some people might be turned off using it for that reason.

Still, it looks like a useful tool for the newbie webmaster.


  1. Hi Matt. We thought long and hard (and debated a lot, believe me!) about the pros and cons of "doom"by. You can probably guess what side lost, and which won :)

    Not sure we'd see ourselves as a French x, y or z though, maybe more a world wide website builder, that happens to live in an interesting French town. For now ;)

    Anyhow, thanks for taking the time out to take a look-see - we always appreciate others taking an interest in what we do (especially Australians, 'cause at least one of our support team hails from there ... from what I recall - Hi Newtown!! :).

    And hey, if you're even in Villers Bretonneux for an Anzac Day dawn service, drop by and say hi - we're only a 15 minute drive away, and have a neat cathedral.

  2. Hi Colin. Sounds like you've found a great place to develop your business.

    Sydney is great, but increasingly stressful. (Actually I used to live in Newtown, and am now nearby in Leichhardt.)

    Best of luck with your venture. Have added a link to Doomby on my other site also:

  3. Ah, would that it were mine :) alas no, I am but a humble servant.

    Sydney is less appealing to me every time I go back, unless I focus on the part, rather than the whole (lots of nice suburbs/bit of suburbs, but as a whole it's become a bit of a disorganized wreck). Leichhardt would be one of the more appealing parts - nice choice. Now just need a metro, and it'd be near-perfect ;)

    Thanks for the link too, BTW!