Friday, February 17, 2012

Twitter loading problems seem to have disappeared, thankfully

Yesterday, for much of the day, whenever I tried to log into Twitter at home, I kept getting this message reading: "Hmm, this seems to be taking a while. If problems persist, please reload to try again."

I logged in okay at a public library later in the day, so I thought it was something to do with my desktop PC only. But this appeared not to be the case, because when I got home last night I tried logging in on my laptop, which I hadn't used for a while. Same problem, with all the browsers. So it was clearly something at Twitter's end.

There were several references to this problem on Twitter's help site. And there's this recently written question on Yahoo Answers which refers to the problem. So it looks like it was a pretty widespread issue.

Thankfully, all seems to be okay today, however. I was very relieved, because I think I've become somewhat addicted to the site. It was like not being able to have a coffee, to be honest! Hopefully they've got the issue sorted and there will be no more recurrences.

In any case, have other users had this problem?


  1. having it right now, that's how I got here!

  2. It is not the big issue, could be due to server problem. I have experienced same sort of problem with Google itself!!

  3. In this same problem right now. um... may I know how you guys gotten over this problem and recovered your twitter accounts?.. really need some help asap. please and thank you! ^^

  4. yes, had the problem yesterday, still have it today - ok on my iphone though - do you have the link to the twitter help site?