Thursday, February 16, 2012

Content scrapers are stupid as well as lazy

If you blog or build and promote websites, you're sure to have your content scraped eventually. It's really annoying, although it's usually not worth the energy of trying to have the offending webmaster remove the content he stole from you.

I simply can't fathom why anyone would use such an underhanded technique to build up their content. Firstly, it's morally wrong to just rip off someone else's work. Secondly, Google is getting better and better at detecting sites using such dodgy tactics, so this method of building up your own site will either not benefit you in the long run, or result in you being blacklisted.

It's clearly both lazy and stupid. And if you want to know just how stupid these guys are, here's an example:

Today I just received an e-mail via a contact form on my website about SEO. I wasn't sure quite what he was referring to so I looked at his blog. I saw chunks of my text stolen verbatim from that very site on it! And his blog, like my website, was specifically about SEO.

Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows that content scraping is heavily frowned upon, to say the least. The fact that he's using it -- and quite obviously so -- discredits him completely.

And it was even more astonishing that he contacted me! You'd think that the last thing someone ripping off another person's material would do is actually tell this person about the blog it was on so he could discover the plagiarism.

I can only conclude that he must believe that he's not doing anything wrong. What an idiot.

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