Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Twitter is inspiring

Before signing up to Twitter, I could never understand why people were raving about it so much. Basically, the idea that you would constantly be making these little tweets seemed frivolous and vain. Then you would be asking people to "follow" you? Frankly, the whole concept seemed shallow and narcissistic. But while there are a lot of egomaniacs on Twitter, it is much more than a platform for such people.

It really is what you make of it. The more you get into it the more possibilities you can see. And there seem to be so many people on there with a real sense of clarity and purpose. Whether they are business people, or just those with a message, it's awesome to know how many experts there are out there.

And while being on Twitter is a great profile raiser and obviously has great potential for those wishing to use it to make money, many experts are still sharing much of their knowledge freely. You can learn a lot from following such people. (Of course this has long been the case with blogging. However with Twitter the whole process is far more streamlined and immediate.)

So, seeing all these people pursing their dreams, and being able to connect and interact with them as well, fills you with a real sense of possibility and purpose. Inspiring is not too strong a word.


  1. Ya its true,I always think twitter is more powerful tool to marketise any product or content.Thanks for share and ob-course for leaving your opinion at Blogging Park.

  2. No worries. And thanks for your input also.