Monday, July 11, 2011

Being active on Twitter does seem to help generally with SEO

With the continuing growth of Twitter there are more and more people raving about its potential for website marketing. Twitter offers many benefits, but there's also quite a bit of confusion surrounding it. And one question seems to pop up more and more. That is: Does Twitter activity directly improve the SEO of the URL you're linking to?

I've been Googling for a definitive answer to this question. I haven't found one as yet. But as with so many questions about SEO there are a lot of yes and no answers. Those in the "no" camp say that because the links are nofollow, it doesn't have any direct effect. Sure, you'll get quality traffic from clicks from your tweets, and that will go into Google's calculation of the value of your site. Also, you'll get some backlinks from the bloggers you've been networking with on Twitter. But these are indirect effects.

Those in the "yes" camp say that Google definitely does take your activity on the site into account directly and rewards you for it commensurately, if only a little.

Well, from my own experience, I do tend to fall into this latter group. Take this blog. I have had quite a break from updating it in recent months, going from February to June without writing a post. (I've written a few in the last month, though.) Yet my search engine traffic has increased over that whole period, particularly in the last few weeks. Sure, it hasn't been much but it was certainly enough to notice.

Maybe this had something to do with algorithm changes. But I don't think so. The slow increase seems to coincide with my activity on Twitter. It was the only thing related to this site that I've been doing.


  1. I think it does, no question. Since Google started showing real-time tweet results on their search index, a lot of people are taking advantage of it since they know that it affects their SEO.

    I dont think its a lot though but maybe its still worth it to try.

  2. If that was the only thing you've been doing, then Twitter might have done it... I am sure there is a lot to say about this. As you said, when it comes to SEO, nobody really knows what works or what doesn't. But in your case, it is hard to say no because you haven't been doing anything expect promoting through Twitter...

  3. Yes, it seems to be only a small effect but it's still worth getting. Every little bit helps, as they say.

    Thanks to both of you for your comments.

  4. Matt,

    I would have to agree that Twitter does have an effect on your blog given what you have said and your experience.

    There is really more to SEO than follow and nofollow and I think this is especially true with Twitter.

    Great post.

    Dee Ann Rice

  5. Thanks for your input and kind words, Dee Ann.

    Just re follow and nofollow: Yes, people get really fixated on that, only commenting on dofollow blogs. But I think you can waste your time seeking them out.

    I think the best approach is just to comment thoughtfully on whatever blog you find interesting, and not worry about how much it improves SEO.

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