Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogging about specific companies can bring traffic

I just had another confirmation of why it's worth blogging about specific websites and companies. Last night I wrote a post about ArticlesBase. It turns out that it was mentioned in that directory's Twitter feed, so I've had a nice little burst of hits from it.

I had a similar experience a while ago when I blogged about the website builder Doomby. The post was subsequently stumbled.

Clearly, employees of online companies keep an eye on what's said about them in the blogosphere. If there's something that reflects well on them, there's a good chance they will quote you. (Obviously if you write positive stuff it's more likely to help in this way. But you shouldn't just gush about things in the hope it will. Needless to say being honest and thoughtful in your opinions is always the best policy.)


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  2. Blogging about companies could do you well especially if you're a freelance writer. It helps you build up your business network and reputation.