Monday, September 20, 2010

The names of newsmakers can bring blog traffic

Here are some thoughts on how to use people's names to get some good bursts of search engine traffic, particularly if you have a news related or opinion blog:

The names of those making the news are keywords, just like all the others. However, unless they are already extremely well known (like movie stars or world leaders) chances are there is not that much competition for them. So, if someone has been made instantly famous (or infamous!) by a big story, people will be searching for them. So, keep an eye out for these names, and use them in the titles of your blog posts.

And of course don't just rehash what others have said. Try and add value to your blog posts by including some other interesting related information. Or you could express your opinion about the story, and these people's behaviour. Then these posts will stand out and perhaps attract the odd link back.

But remember to be very careful if you are writing about anyone involved in a court case (particularly the accused!). If it has not yet gone to trial then always remember the magic word "allegedly".

I've used this technique a few times now on various blogs. Sometimes there are way too many other blog posts with the same name keywords, and I end up a few pages down the SERPs. But every now and then I get on page one, and stay there for the entire time the person is in the news. It's quite surprising how much traffic that can bring you. It can last quite a while, too.

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