Monday, September 13, 2010

How my reasons for blogging have changed over the years

Earlier today I was looking through some of my old blogs. It gave me quite a shock to realize that I actually started blogging way back in 2002. I've written several of them over the years.

When I started I just saw them as a means to record my humorous observations, which I could then turn into standup comedy monologues later on. I even started a couple of entirely fictional character blogs as a way of developing material that I could perform at some stage.

But I just got so involved in blogging itself that I never got around to doing this! It was just such a buzz to write stuff and know that people were reading it - even if the numbers weren't huge. I knew that even with traffic just trickling in I'd still be getting my thoughts read by more people than would ever see me perform live - unless I had a regular gig on TV or radio, of course.

Anyway, just being funny became less and less important as I continued with blogging. I wanted to actually say something while hopefully getting a few laughs and chuckles along the way.

So now, eight years on, I've got literally thousands of blog posts still out there or backed up on disk and hard drive. I've got to do something with this stuff - hopefully something that earns me some money!

Using them as raw material for a series of books is the obvious option. So, that's the long term goal. But I've got to do it in bits. I think the best approach is to use those posts as the raw material for articles which I'll submit to directories, so I'll get some more exposure and SEO benefit. Then I'll collate and edit these articles into books. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

It's kind of ironic that I've ended up in this situation, considering my reasons for blogging when I started.

Has anyone else had a similar journey? Or one that was completely different? Please let me know in comments.

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