Monday, June 21, 2010

Keyrow is a great free keyword tool

Anyone who is into article marketing is of course interested in keyword research. Some marketers spend a huge amount of time doing this. They painstakingly isolate previously undiscovered niche keywords, and work out ways to corner that particular market. The actual article writing is like a mere formality.

I don't like this approach. Frankly I think it's a much better policy to just write about subjects you know and love, while being mindful of the SEO aspects like keyword selection and density. If you do that the process remains enjoyable as well as effective.

That said, I am starting to see just how fascinating - and potentially addictive! - the whole subject of keywords is. And I've found some great free tools related to it recently. One particularly good one is Keyrow.

It's great because it gives you some really valuable information about where your website or blog is heading keyword-wise. For instance, you can type in your URL and it will list the most popular search terms your site is ranking for, and your position in the SERPs.

This is very useful because you might not have received any actual traffic from these searches yet because you are on page 3, say. So you wouldn't have known about this if not for the tool.

But once you've found out this info, you can then focus on those particular keywords, writing lots of relevant content on your site or blog as well as in articles that you place elsewhere, and thereby slowly climb up to the first page for these search terms and increase you traffic considerably.

And that's just one of the ways you can use it. Smartbloggerz has a more informative post on the tool.


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