Monday, August 24, 2009

Anonymous blogger outed, sues Google

Rosemary Port, a blogger who posted abusive rants about model Liskula Cohen, was sued by the model. Now she's biting back, lodging her own lawsuit for being outed by Google, who she believed should have protected her privacy.

I can see why some bloggers in oppressive regimes want to remain anonymous. If they get sprung, they get shot! But this whole furore seems so silly and petty. I don't understand this need for anonymity. If you are going to say something critical, why not put your name to it? Or at least not make outraged demands that your identity remain secret.

That said, the model's reaction to Port's abusive blog was incredibly precious. Why not just shrug it off?

It reveals how ego-driven and bitchy some people are in the fashion world. That's hardly surprising of course! It also shows that despite blogging becoming a substantial force in itself, it's still dwarfed by the power of mainstream media. As the aggrieved blogger Rosemary Port says, hardly anyone even knew about her blog until Liskula Cohen gave it massive media oxygen by filing her lawsuit.

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