Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writing for the internet

The internet has meant that there are many more opportunities for writers. But it also means that they'll make much less money for their efforts. There are just so many people competing with each other - and from all over the world. Subsequently the price writers can charge for services will often be extremely low. If you have a look at some of the freelance forums you can see what people are offering for projects. It's peanuts.

Sure, you might get lucky and work through a content broker who charges big bucks to clients, so it ultimately becomes worth your while. But that would be very unusual. That's why I think it's a better idea to use your own writing for yourself, and monetize it with affiliate programs, etc. You won't make much money up front, but it will grow over time. Also, you'll have mountains of material that you can turn into e-books - or even the old fashioned variety. These products have further earning potential.

It's almost like renting as opposed to buying a house. Renting is always a temporary solution. Sure, you have somewhere to live from week to week. But ultimately you're just making someone else rich. But paying a mortgage means that you are actually amassing wealth. (Needless to say, writing content for others is like renting. Writing it for yourself is like buying.)

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