Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SEO training often hugely overpriced

Out of curiosity I have been Googling for SEO training, courses and tutors. What amazes me is what some people have the gall to charge for their services. I have seen some sites with so called experts offering one-on-one training and charging several hundred dollars for a few hours. (I won't link to them; don't want to give them the benefit!)

They would of course be spending much of that time teaching the basics, which you can learn in a couple of hours (or even less) from free online tutorials. Maybe these "gurus" might have a few powerful insights they can share. But nothing could be worth what they are charging, surely.

There are cowboys and BS artists in every industry, of course. But I think it's particularly bad in SEO and SEM now because it's such a new industry, and pretty much unregulated.

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