Monday, March 26, 2012

Commission Junction ( is a good affiliate network

I have been promoting different affiliate programs on my various niche websites and blogs for several years now, and have used several of the main affiliate networks. One of the most well known and established of these is Commission Junction ( It's based in the United States but it's an international enterprise, and you can join from many countries.

It has a lot of merchants that are global in nature, with products that are appealing to people in Australia. That's good for me because I'm an Aussie, as are a high percentage of my visitors. There are some that are specific to this country, too, which is even better.

There are other aspects that make it a quality network. Firstly, the merchants tend to be top notch, with great products to promote. So, whether you promote pay per lead programs (and there are many of those) or pay per sale ones, it usually doesn't take a huge number of visits before they convert. They tend to pay pretty well, too.

They also have heaps of nicely designed links, buttons and banners. These help a lot. They can actually improve the look of your site. Also, their eye-catching nature makes them more likely to be clicked on by visitors, which means more money for the publisher in the long run.

The stats that you get for your various campaigns are good as well. They are really comprehensive and reliable (although perhaps a little confusing at first). This is extremely useful, because you can get a very good idea about which particular ads and programs are working well and which aren't, so you can adjust them accordingly.

Finally, they pay like clockwork. I've had several cheques from them so far and they've never been late.

I know there have been reports of various negative of issues regarding this network. However I have had no problems with them at all. Everything so far has been positive. For this reason I recommend this affiliate network highly.

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