Saturday, January 7, 2012

The site is based here in Perth, Western Australia

When you look at a commercial website, particularly if it has a sleek design and lots of good content, you generally have little idea of exactly where the company behind it is located (unless it is geo-specific in nature, of course). For some reason many people still tend to think that big authority sites with "dot com" and "dot net" domain names must be American ventures. But that doesn't necessarily follow. Nowadays they could be run from just about anywhere in the world.

The first big surprise I got regarding this misapprehension was a few years ago when I first learned about the world's top "problogger" Darren Rowse. I found his site, and had a look through it, assuming that he was from the USA. But I was stunned to learn that he actually lived in Melbourne. That really opened my eyes.

I still haven't completely gotten over that misapprehension, however. I'm a member of Commission Junction and I was looking through their list of merchants to promote. I found one that looked really good called It seems to be the top site in that category, ranking number one in Aussie Google searches for the keyword. (I suspect that's the same for Google's main international site also.)

Learning more about the site I was surprised to discover that it is not a USA-based company, but is actually run from right here in little old Perth. So, there's another example of the global nature of the internet (not that there's a lack of them of course), and still more proof that it really is a great equalizer in so many ways.

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