Monday, November 7, 2011

Wordpress powered classifieds sites and SEO

It's well known that Wordpress is one of the best platforms for SEO. Blogs built with it tend to rank quite highly even when they haven't been around all that long and don't have much content up there. I'm no geek so I have no specific insights into why this might be. Whatever the reason, there's clearly something about the way Wordpress is designed that makes Google tend to like it!

Given this fact, I thought I'd try out some free classifieds that are powered by Wordpress to advertise a new site I have which is about garage sales in Perth. There are more and more of these popping up now, and a few of them are tailored towards Aussies.

So I submitted a couple of ads with headings like "Perth garage sale promotion" and "Local Perth garage sale advertising" to these sites. I only did this a few days ago but the ads I posted on the Wordpress sites are already ranking highly for related keyword searches. Similar ads posted earlier at other -- seemingly more well established -- classifieds sites took longer to get indexed, and have often been beaten in the rankings by these newer ads.

Of course free classifieds sites shouldn't just be judged on SEO. Some of them get huge traffic for a whole bunch of other reasons, and so are well worth using -- particularly if you are advertising a locally oriented product or service. Still, this aspect is something to keep in mind. And it will be interesting to see how well these sites do in the future.


  1. I completely agree with you, wordpress is a great platform for seo

  2. Hi Matt
    I wonder why you are using Blogger when you have in some post that wordpress is better.
    The reason I ask is that I like blogger a lot and I am comfortable with it.
    However, I do feel wordpress is more professional and I am tempted to switch, but then obviously it will not be free.

    Blogger seems to do the job or am I missing something.

  3. My feelings are similar to you, Steve. Blogger is good, and they've definitely made a big effort to make it more customizable, etc. So it certainly meets my needs for now, and probably for a long while.

    The reason I haven't switched, and probably won't is because of the cost. Also, I've got a lot of content up here now and wouldn't want to lose any of it through the importation process (although that's unlikely).

  4. wordpress has been greatly optimized with SEO. that is why it has been the choice of any web site developer to create and people who are venturing to this business.