Monday, November 8, 2010

Higher blog posting frequency increases traffic

I've been posting more often on my rant blog over the last few months. And I've noticed that I'm getting quite a bit more traffic to it. I haven't done any link building. So this effect must be entirely due to the increased frequency of posting.

I suspect part of this is because regular readers to it are returning more often. But I'm also getting more search engine hits - and not just for the new posts.

I haven't looked deeply into this but it seems that regular and frequent blog posting lifts your general rankings a bit. When the frequency drops, the opposite happens.

It's as if Google is detecting my "blog pulse", and rewarding me a little if it is strong.

I've often read this on various forums and blogs. But it's good to see it confirmed.


  1. Blog posting really helps to increase traffic.
    It's the most important work for SEO.

  2. Hi Matt,

    First time here - good stuff.

    Frequent postings on your blog most definitely do make a difference but at some point, if you've done the "work" traffic will continue to come even if you take time off.

    My flagship blog is a perfect example. This is a blog I have been posting to for almost two years - consistently. Lately I have had to put my hours into other endeavours (or clone myself) so I have a "temporary" leave of absence. Yes, the traffic has fallen, but I still have daily traffic that I would have given my eye teeth for when I first launched that blog.

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