Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Posterous, Onsugar and Soup

I'm getting more and more interested in microblogging. As well as trying out Tumblr, I've also started a Posterous microblog.

There are other sites very much like these that allow you to post different kinds of media, and also have Twitter-like social features.

I've recently found two more. These are Onsugar and Soup. They both look good and as far as I can tell they also have free domain mapping like the sites mentioned above.

UPDATE: Have found the feedback page for Soup, which gives a pretty good idea of what it offers. It's clearly a lot like Tumblr in many ways.

UPDATE: Just found another one: Amplify. It also looks good, with similar features. It doesn't seem to offer domain mapping, however.

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  1. Thanks for this post man.
    I think sugar and soup are good for health also if taken in limit…