Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mystified by the laziness of blog comment spammers

As your blog gets seen by more and more people, there are some annoying consequences. Not only are you almost certain to get your content scraped by someone lazy and cynical, but you're sure to get a lot of spam comments.

I find it quite depressing, to be honest. You keep seeing these pathetic, lame contributions like: "Great blog. I will return often. Keep up the great work!"

Why do these people even bother?

Of course if it's a robot doing this you can understand. But these are quite often actual people. Surely it's more energy-sapping in the long run to write these lame one and two-liners than it is to write thoughtful comments that actually contribute to the blog? Also, a lot of the spam comments they write don't even stay there, since the blogger swiftly removes them, so they're not getting any benefit anyway. And even if they do remain on the blog, they do a disservice to the URL they're linking back to. To be honest I'm completely mystified by the stupidity and laziness of these people.

So, if you do want to comment on this blog - and I do appreciate and welcome comments - please remember that I will just delete these lazy spam comments. If you have something thoughtful to say that shows you have actually read the post you're commenting on then in all likelihood I'll approve it.

1 comment:

  1. Well that certainly was setting up a challenge. Although i did think of just writing

    "Great Blog I will return often keep up the good work"

    As a joke.

    I agree with you - I think its easier to write someting meaningful and less boring.

    BTW, yours is one of only 2-3 blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader

    All the best..Sam