Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog plagiarized

I recently discovered that someone has been lifting the content from this site and publishing it on a blog. I won't link directly to the site because I don't want to give him the benefit, but the URL is "findfreearticlesonline dot com" if you want to have a look.

It's an amazingly cynical thing to do. Apart from the fact that it's morally wrong to just nick people's stuff, it's not even worth it in the long run because the search engines will always index the original first.

I have disdain for plagiarists and scammers. I also pity them, because they are so lacking in character. Why go to the trouble of doing something so clearly unethical when you can put the same time and energy into creating your own content or promoting a genuine, good quality product or service and ultimately reap greater rewards? Doing what they do is stupid as well as pathetic.

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