Friday, December 26, 2008

Weebly, Synthasite, Webnode

Being a generally non-geeky kind of person, I have found the whole webmastering thing a bit daunting. You've got to get a site designed, find a good reliable host, buy a unique domain, do a bit of techie stuff to connect that domain to the site. Then, if you want to have a blog as part of that site, you've got to do still more mucking around!

It's certainly not impossible but it can be a bit of headache. Obviously a lot of people feel this way, because there has been a trend towards web hosting companies selling domains themselves, including site builders in their packages, and having blogging tools attached. There are quite a few of them now. Three of the best are Weebly, Synthasite, and Webnode.

These are good sites in many ways. They have heaps of widgets and stuff you can add. They have "drag and drop" site builders, too. So you can make your own site look substantially unique. The blogging tools are simple and effective.

But the best aspect is that they are free to use if you wish! You can publish to the subdomain (eg, for no cost at all. And if you publish to a custom domain (eg, you only pay for the domain, which you buy through them for perhaps 20 bucks a year!

I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a website, but particularly to those who want to learn to become webmasters themselves. Nothing beats hands on experience, and you can definitely get a lot of that with these sites.

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  1. Thank for info, Think wordpress is one of good drag drop create site.